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  • Suku Baduy

    Banten Province has a traditional society that still adhere to traditional customs, they are Baduy tribe, who lived in the village Kanekes Leuwidamar District of Lebak regency.

    Baduy villages are generally located in the watershed Ciujung in Kendeng Mountains - South Banten. It is located about 172 km west of the capital Jakarta, about 65 miles south of the capital of the province of Banten. Baduy which occupies an area 5,108 ha (the largest village in the province of Banten) this seclusion from the outside world and deliberately rejected (not affected) by other communities, by making the area a sacred place (in Penembahan Arca Domas) and sacred.However, the intensity of their communication is not limited,  but the intertwined relationship of harmonious with the outside community, through visits. In meeting the needs of everyday life, people of baduy tribe have a core concept of simplicity i.e has never expect any help from outside.

    They are able to independently by means of farming and cultivate an unirrigated field (ngahuma), sell handicrafts typical Baduy, such as Koja and Jarog (bags made of bark Teureup), woven have the shape of scarves, shirts, pants, headbands, gloves and dagger / knife, also hunting.Baduy like a state with the order of life which governed by customary law which is very strong. All authority is based on wisdom and justice in the hands of the supreme leader, namely Puun. Puun served as controller customary law and order of the community in carrying out their duties ,was aided also by some other traditional leaders. As a sign of loyalty to the Government of Indonesia, every end of year , tribe numbering 7512 inhabitants and this spread in 67 village conduct Seba ceremony to "Mr. Gede" (Call To Lebak Regent) and sub-district Leuwidamar.

    Baduy settlements are in the hilly areas. The lowest place is at an elevation of 800 meters above sea level. So it is conceivable that the jungle around Kendeng mountains is an area rich in springs that are still free of pollution.The location was settled in general on the slopes of the mountain, hill and valley gap overgrown large trees, which is close to the water source. Green shrubs around it foreshadowed the beauty and coolness quiet atmosphere. The silence and peace unpretentious life.


    Source: Book Baduy In History by Suhada Publisher Range Public Relations Bureau of the Regional Secretariat Blogroll.

    <img alt="\&quot;\&quot;" data-cke-saved-src="\" src="\&quot;https://penghubung.bantenprov.go.id/upload/Bidikan%20Baduy%201.jpg\&quot;" style="\&quot;float:left;" height:189px;="" line-height:20.7999992370605px;="" margin:5px;="" opacity:0.9;="" width:300px\"="">万丹省有一个传统的社会,依然坚持传统的习俗,他们是Baduy部落,谁住在村里Kanekes Leuwidamar区勒巴克摄政。

    Baduy村庄一般都在分水岭Ciujung在肯登山 - 南万丹。万丹省的首府是首都雅加达,位于西172公里,南约65英里。 Baduy占地的面积5108公顷(在万丹省最大的村庄)此隐居外界故意拒绝(不受影响)其他社区,通过使该地区一个神圣的地方(在Penembahan阿卡DOMAS)和神圣。然而,他们的沟通力度不限,但和谐与外部社会的关系交织在一起,通过走访。在满足日常生活的需求,baduy部落的人都简单,即一个核心理念已经从外面从来不指望任何帮助。

    他们能够自主耕作方式,培养一个非灌溉领域(ngahuma),出售手工艺品典型Baduy,如古谢和Jarog(树皮制成的Teureup袋),有编织围巾,衬衫,裤子,头带,手套形状和匕首/刀,也狩猎.Baduy像生活中的那些习惯法,这是非常强大的统治秩序的状态。所有的权力是基于智慧和正义的最高领导人,即Puun手中。 Puun担任控制器习惯法和秩序的社会在履行职责时,也得益于其他一些传统的领导者。至于忠诚到印尼,一年中的每年底,部落编号7512居民的政府的标志,这蔓延67村开展西巴仪式“格德先生”(呼叫要勒巴克摄政)和街道Leuwidamar。






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