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    Shaped areas shield emblem with green base color, in which there are elements of the picture symbol and the words "BANTEN", and designed a yellow ribbon with the words "FAITH TAQWA". Coat the area consists of two (2) sections following details:

     Picture form consists of:


    1. Divine Star, Arc of spirit manifestation belief that community spirit shone through Banten.
    2. Kaibon gate is white, symbolizing the Province of Banten as the gate and the gate of the civilized world economy and international traffic towards the era of globalization.
    3. Black mountain, symbolizes wealth sumler natural and soil texture rather bumpy uneven consists of plains and mountains.
    4. Black sea with white waves totaling 17 (seventeen) symbolizes the maritime area rich with potential sea, reflecting the historical and future opportunities Banten as Bandar Samudera International Trade and contain a depth of meaning. soul, breadth of knowledge and views, estuary refuge Banten society.
    5. Two lines Marka, Soekarno Hatta Airport Runway berwaarna white and 3 (three) light guides (Beacon Light) sphere-shaped yellow symbolizes morale boosters to achieve goals. Meaning contained in item 8 (eight), 9 (nine) and 10 (ten) has the meaning set forth the birth of Banten province and the enactment of Law No. 23 of 2000, concerning the formation of Banten province, on October 17, 2000.
    6. Regional emblem motto "Faith TAQWA" as the cornerstone of development towards Bantam Mandiri, a developed and prosperous (Darussalam).

     Warnamerah, symbolizes the courage that is based on truth.\n

    •  Yellow color, symbolizes glory, soul colors, light and happiness symbol, a symbol of glory and magnanimity.
    •  Gray color, symbolizes steadfastness.
    •  Color green, symbolizing fertility.

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