Dandim Cilegon Lantik Saka Wira Kartika

Dandim Cilegon Saka Wira Kartika Inaugurated

10 Dec 2013 10:11 am  |  295 Kunjungan

CILEGON - military commander ( the commander ) Lt. Col. Inf 0623/Cilegon Murbianto Adhi Wibowo , Monday ( 9/12 ) evening inaugurated at the same time provide a briefing to the 30 new members of the Scout Saka Wira Kartika for the period of management from 2013 to 2015 , on page Makodim 0623/Cilegon .

In his presentation , Murbianto hope Saka Wira Kartika members proficient in the ability of well-trained and able to implement these capabilities in their daily lives .

" The activity we do in order to develop in order to awaken resiliency . Thing we gave the debriefing skills and general knowledge , " he said .

Dandim pointed out , for example, disaster strikes , Saka Wira Kartika will be trained to conduct their help and inform the incident to the District Military Command . " They can also be helped in managing traffic when the queue of vehicles , " he added .

By doing so , he continued , District Military Command task can be helped . Saka Wira Kartika is a Scouting activity with emphasis on the ability of five subgroups ( Skills ) , the pioneer , mountainering , survival , land navigation and natural disasters . ( Devi Krishna,radarbanten.com )

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